Experienced Authors: This is a Call

I’ve spoken over the last three weeks with more than a few authors dissatisfied with their publishers. In fact, there must be a 3:1 ratio of happy to unhappy authors with respect to their publishers. The complaints range from the price of the book to Kindle availability to time required to publish to ugly covers.

So, you non-newbies, now is the time to think seriously about taking control of your own destiny. You don’t need legacy publishers to get the word out. You need a professional book. Period. And Motion can help.

Consider the following questions:

  • Is a $5,000 advance really worth it when you make so little on each book?
  • Are you willing to wait 12 to 18 months for your next book to be released?
  • Is your audience going to think less of you because Publisher ABC’s logo isn’t on the spine of your next book?
  • Do you not buy the albums of your favorite bands because you don’t recognize the name of its new record label?
  • Do you only go to chain restaurants?
  • Do you only see Disney and Miramax films?

A relatively small investment on your part will most likely pay off in spades. You’ve already built your brand. You already do the speaking gigs. Now it’s time to cash in.

The economics are in your favor. Think about making 40 percent margins on your books or more–as opposed to the 15 percent of the net that you make now. Gain control of the publishing process. Make significant contributions to the cover and layout of your book. Avoid the problems with chop shops and fly-by-night outfits that churn out books by the hundreds.

Put your next book in motion.

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