Need help getting the word out?

Many first-time and serial authors enjoy the writing part but struggle with getting their message out there. Perhaps you’ve heard the sob stories of disgruntled authors who felt that their books were not receiving sufficient notice.

This isn’t an accident. Many authors are great at writing–but not nearly as adept at promotion. Many people need help getting the word out. They are unsure about a social media or marketing strategy for their new books.

Regardless of your topic, it’s a crowded world with a great deal of competition.

All this would be moot if only a few books were published every year. However, the opposite is true. Nearly 300,000 books are published on an annual basis in the US. Brass tacks: it’s a crowded area with a great deal of competition.

Let Motion Publishing help you penetrate the masses and identify the audiences most likely to be receptive to your book.

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