Ghost Writing

Too busy to churn out high-quality content? Why not let a professional handle it?

Let’s face it. Everyone’s busy. Whether it’s writing a blog post, industry paper, or much longer form text, writing takes time. For many, writing well takes even longer. For this very reason, the late Charles Bukowski famously said, “Most people who write shouldn’t.”

Truer words have never been spoken.

Look around the web. There’s no shortage of horrible copy in the form of company descriptions, website about pages, blogs, and long-form content. While good copy can’t guarantee anything, it’s safe to say poorly written and inscrutable text rife with grammatical errors reflects poorly on a company and its offerings. And it’s hard to overstate the impact of jargon, a true scourge.

Most people who write shouldn’t.

–Charles Bukowski

What’s one to do?

Motion Publishing offers a full array of writing and editing services, including ghost writing. Clients own all of the work and can do with it what they wish. What’s more, confidentiality is sacred. No one will ever know that someone else wrote for you.


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