Coliloquy and the Age of the Publishing Platform

Few industries are as ripe for platforms and disruption as publishing.
Mar | 23 | 2012

Platforms are everywhere these days–and publishing is no exception. To that end, I recently read an article on AllThingsD about Coliloquy,

…a start-up demoing at D: Dive into Media, is running with that idea, in the hopes of creating a new kind of fiction-reading experience, built on the Amazon Kindle developer platform.

Coliloquy’s platform offer authors the ability to adjust stories based on feedback from readers — something previously sequestered in the nerdiest of fan-fiction forums.

Brass Tacks

As I write in The Age of the Platform, true platforms give potential partners the tools and incentives to create their own apps, services, products, and the like. This is how you build an ecosystem. Traditional publishers as well as unaffiliated authors can write their own “books”, if that’s what you call them.

Ready or not, Big Publishing. The Age of the Platform is here. To paraphrase Andy Dufresne in The Shawshank Redemption, “Get busy living or get busy dying.”

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