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Motion Publishing produces high-quality, full-length books for both individual authors and companies.

Traditional or legacy publishers are on their way out; companies like Amazon have intensified the disintermediation of the hallowed industry. Aspiring authors hoping to get noticed via an agent can, for the most part, keep waiting.

So, you’re a first-time author with a dream? You want to publish a high-quality text. Unless you’re already a reality star like Snooki or a rock star like Amanda Hocking, that lucrative book deal from a prestigous publisher probably isn’t coming. The simple question that publishers will ask is, “Does this person have a history of moving books?” And the answer is probably no.

Subsidy presses such as iUniverse and Lulu can certainly produce books, but will these books have the impact that you desire? At the risk of being overly blunt, many books from these shops look awful. Some even fall apart.

What’s a prospective author to do?

Motion Publishing represents a viable third option for authors of all types. Motion can take your book from idea to market. The end result: A high-quality book about which you can be extremely proud.

Of course, this isn’t cheap. However, after publishing with Motion, you split all royalties with Amazon, B&N, the printer, etc. Unlike traditional publishers that typically take 80 percent or more of the the royalties, Motion takes zero percent. And all of your intellectual property remains yours. Do with it as you wish. Should a big publisher express an interest in picking up your book, you are free to pursue the deal.

You may not want to, though.

The following table presents the three main options for authors. Click on it to see a larger image:


What does the Motion Publishing process look like? Click on the image below to see for yourself.

Where do you go from here?

We are currently open to submissions for authors who will thrive in our model. Thank you and good luck! Before you get started, you may want to check out this FAQ.

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