Book Makeovers

Does the quality of your book impede your sales?

You’ve gone the route of a large, “chop shop” subsidy press and you’re not pleased with the results. After the initial thrill of seeing your book in print has waned, you realize that its interior design doesn’t compare favorably to many other books. It’s just not as professional, and you know it. Ditto the cover. And the index is nonexistent.

The “feel” is off.

Let Motion Publishing take your text to the next level with its new Book Makeover Program. We’ll take the book and transform it into a much more professional final product with a fresh cover and improved interiors and editing. What’s more, you will still own the rights to the book. If a traditional publisher wants to buy the rights to your (much improved) book, you are in the driver’s seat.

Wouldn’t your book benefit from a fresh coat of paint?

Note that, to qualify for the program, authors need to own the rights to the first version of their books. Some subsidy presses make authors sign contracts that compromise the latter’s rights.


Next Steps

Check out the FAQ and make contact. We’ll follow up quickly and see if your needs, budget, and timing match ours.

Working with Motion

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