Author Hack #1: How to Get Your Book into B&N

The first in a series of practical tips to authors.

Want to get your book on Amazon?

If you want to crack Barnes & Noble, though, you’re in for a tougher haul. Much tougher.

It turns out that even the largest brick-and-mortar stores only stock about 100,000 books. This means that your odds of getting distribution of your books in physical stores are remote.

For self-published authors, the odds of getting distribution of books in physical stores are remote.

Here’s one wrinkle, though: A local Barnes & Noble will order your books if you agree to sign a few when they arrive in the store. To the best of my knowledge, though, this isn’t true for self-published books because of their often low quality and questionable return policies. Most store managers just won’t risk it.

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