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How long should a book be? Shorter isn't necessarily better.

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On his über popular blog, Seth Godin writes:

The movie, the book, the meeting, the memo… few people will tell you that they ran short.

(Shorter, though, doesn’t mean less responsibility, less insight or less power. It means less fluff and less hiding.)

Nine times out of ten Seth is spot-on.

Not this time.

Many books cannot be be squeezed into 90 pages–nor should they. Not every movie should be 90 minutes. Not every song should be three minutes.

If you have a statement to make, make it. Period. Don’t worry about those who want a manifesto. Yes, repetition for the sake of repetition sucks. I hate fluff and filler as well. But if you have a big idea, embrace it. Give me a 300-page, profound, well-written book over a 90-page glorified blog post with oodles of drawings any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Shorter isn’t necessarily better.

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