On Insanity and Ebooks

kindleMany aspiring authors wonder how much an ebook should cost. I don’t profess to know the precise answer, but I can tell you this much: less than than the physical copy of the book.

Lamentably, there are exceptions to this rule–i.e., some Kindle versions of books cost more than their real-world equivalents. Don’t believe me? Check out my second book.

Do I think that it’s a good read? Of course. I’m the author. Yet, it’s pretty objectionable that the book costs more than $30 for a Kindle version. This represents pure profit for the publisher—and infuriates the author. I often wonder about how many book sales and, by extension, consulting and speaking gigs I’ve lost because my book is considered too pricey.

The advice for authors and publishers alike: Don’t be greedy. Sell $10 books for $10/book rather than three for $33/book. Let word spread. You’ll never do that by overcharging.

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