Bad Idea: Paying for Amazon Reviews

Apr 16, 2014 | Book Reviews, Publishing | 7 comments

Updated 4/16/14

Authors want Amazon reviews, and preferably positive ones. However, trying to buy them so overtly is a sure-fire way to invite the vitriol of the community. Vincent Granville is learning this lesson the hard way with his new book:

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Here’s the post proposing $250/review. (Granville removed it when he finally saw the light on 4/16/14.) Perhaps the backlash hit home with him?

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This directly contravenes Amazon’s customer review policy.

Brass Tacks

It’s not hard to understand why authors want reviews, especially good ones. Trying to buy them so publicly, though, is likely to bite you in the ass. Two words: bad idea.

Some genies you can’t put back in the bottle. This is one of them.