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A look at 2.0.
Sep | 24 | 2013

For a while now, this site has been a little long in the tooth. The logo and design didn’t convey the excitement that I feel around Motion Publishing. There is tremendous opportunity for would-be authors, but the site didn’t express that sentiment as much as it should.

Against that backdrop, I am pleased to announce the new incarnation of the Motion Publishing site. I believe that it represents a vast improvement over its predecessor. The navigation, imagery, and content are just plain better than they were before. That’s not to say that the old site wasn’t fine.

But I don’t really get along with “fine” very well.

If you find an issue, leave a comment or contact me.


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  1. Jo

    You may want to correct ‘Alone’ in the black box to along….

  2. Phil Simon

    Thanks, Jo. Nice catch.


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