What if?

What gives you the best chance of closing the deal?
Dec | 17 | 2011

Let’s say that you’re a landscaper or a realtor or a financial planner. Let’s say that you write a book about how you do what you do.

Fast forward six months.

What if?

Let’s say that you meet a prospective client. You bring of a copy of your book–a professional, well-written guide about trees or selling a house or protecting your assets. You leave a copy of your book.

After your meeting, your prospect meets with one of your competitors. He or she gives a good dog and pony show. Let’s say that the two presentations were equal.

But you left your book.

Don’t you think that you have a better chance of closing the deal?

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  1. Chadroberts777

    It seems to me you can’t help but create more success.  The instant credibility of simply having a book will pay off in the form of increased business even if:

    You never sell a single copy
    Prospective customers never actually read your book
    You never write another book



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