Onesie Twosies

On the difficulty of selling one-by-one.
Feb | 27 | 2012

Selling books is anything but easy these days, especially if you rely upon a sale here and a sale there. Individual sales are unlikely to result in a tsunami of additional purchases. Even someone with a big mouth still has to convince others to click on a link or crack a book–and then eventually buy it. There are many points at which the process can break down.

Why not experiment?

By comparison, bulk sales can cause its own tsunami. Is it easy to sell books en masse? Of course not, but the payoff is exponentially greater. If you own the rights to your book, why not experiment? Why not drop your price by as much as you realistically can to get it read by as many folks as possible?

In the long run, you’ll be better off making $1,000 by immediately selling 250 books than by making the same amount of money selling 50 books over six months.

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