All Self-Publishing Is Not Created Equal

Everybody seems to be doing it, but all self-publishing is not created equal.
Apr | 17 | 2013

Count famous playwright David Mamet among the gaggle of established authors taking their own risks. Check out this recent New York Times’ piece. Mamet goes on to say:

Basically I am doing this because I am a curmudgeon,” Mamet is quoted as saying. “and because publishing is like Hollywood—nobody ever does the marketing they promise.”

I started Motion Publishing in part as an experiment. So far, it has proven to be a successful endeavor.

No author can do it all

But make no mistake: All self-publishing is not created equal. If you’re hiring a professional cover designer, indexer, editor, proofreader, and interior designer, you’re just being a smart business person. If you’re arrogant enough to believe that you can do what professionals have spent years doing, then your book will mostly likely look amateurish.

Look at the end results. Compare books from “micro-publishers” such as Motion to books by iUniverse and Lulu. Notice a difference?

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