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On one of the new books coming from Motion Publishing this year.
Apr | 22 | 2012

Motion Publishing is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of Mindshare by Nikos Acuna. It will be published in September of 2012.

Mindshare explores innovation from a unique perspective. It looks at innovation within the audacious scope and framework that truly illustrates its paradoxical and kaleidoscopic nature—the fact is that innovation is both creative and destructive, optimal and disruptive, it’s a product and a process, stable and dynamic, personal and collective, chaotic, self-reflexive, physical, psychological, fragmented, and unified—all at the same time. In the tradition of Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From, Sir Ken Robinson’s Out of Our Minds, and Jonah Lehrer’s Imagine, Mindshare empowers you with the notion that our creativity is an intrinsic collective power that reveals a groundbreaking worldview—that the essence of life is not to survive but to create.

For more information, click here.

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