Information Development Using Mike2.0

MIKE2.0 is an open source delivery framework for Enterprise Information Management. It provides a comprehensive methodology (873 significant articles so far) that can be applied across a number of different projects within the Information Management space.

Information is arguably the most important resource available to business and society. With the right information, organizations can compete more effectively, governments can identify those most in need, and consumers can make better personal choices. When the main constraint was the volume of information, the focus was on creating more. The digital age has created an abundance of this resource, but its sheer volume threatens to render it useless unless it is properly harnessed.

As a community of information management professionals, it is time we put our collective heads together to share our practices in a comprehensive fashion. Information Development Using MIKE2.0 represents a new way of looking at how information is treated inside organizations, from the perspective that it can be developed as opposed to just being stored.

This companion guide summarizes much of the material that has been created at It will suit any leader, project manager, or professional interested in understanding how the best organizations are tackling the information challenge.