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Updated: Sunday, February 12, 2017

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Many authors check their Amazon reviews obsessively–or at least regularly. Unfortunately, there’s no simple way to subscribe to book reviews, not even with über-cool site IFTTT. You have to manually check them.

Now, you might not care about book reviews. On the other hand, a flattering review just plain feels good. Conversely, a negative review by a troll may deserve an immediate response. In the past, I’ve enlisted the help of my Facebook friends to comment on a completely inappropriate “review” by a PITA disgruntled client who never even bought one of my books.

I’m working with a few people on the potential development of a simple service: E-mail subscriptions to Amazon book reviews. I for one would pay a reasonable amount of money for this.

If 50 or more people sign up, then we can begin development of an MVP. I’m thinking that daily/weekly digests or real-time updates via e-mail make the most sense.

Would you benefit from real-time review updates on your books?

If you’re interested in updates on this forthcoming service, please fill out the form below. As always, I won’t share your information with anyone.

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